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CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 60+ naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. For thousands of years, hemp has been sought after for its natural herbal properties and benefits for holistic wellness and in recent years CBD has become the most popular non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD broke the stigma of the hemp plant and its use. It’s not surprising when you consider all the evidence of it being used to enhance wellbeing from the inside out. More people are turning to it and noticing benefits from its use on a daily basis. The product can calm you down and reduce anxiety, but it doesn’t send you into the euphoria phase of getting high as recreational marijuana does.

Yes, every item sold by Hantika is legal in the European Union and products are extracted exclusively from EU-certified commercial hemp varieties. CBD products do not produce a psychoactive effect as they contain only minor traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC <0.2%), therefore not subject to the Narcotics Act.

That’s why we can quickly ship to many other countries across the globe as well.

Nature's way and intent. Hantika's CBD full spectrum oil are CBD-rich extracts from the whole hemp plant. Oil contains CBD plus the other natural cannabinoids found in the plant like CBN , CBG, etc., and also low amounts of THC <0.2% which naturally occur from EU-certified commercial hemp varieties but do not produce any psychoactive effect.

Hantika's CBD THC-free oils are CBD-rich extracts from the hemp plant that contain CBD, but with a removed THC component. The product contains <0.002% THC and is considered as THC free while maintaining all the CBD naturally occurring compounds of the plant.

How quickly CBD is broken down in the body depends on various factors: On the one hand, it depends on how much and over what period of time CBD was taken, on the other hand, which application method was chosen. As a rule, the CBD should have been broken down within 5 to 6 days. The longer the period in which CBD was ingested, the longer the active ingredient remains in the body and the lower the consumed dose of CBD, the faster the CBD is broken down in the body.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system — a complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters spread throughout the entire body. This system is tasked with regulating the balance of various organ systems that affect your appetite, sleep, mood, and memory and other functions. The greatest abundance of these receptors is located in the brain, the central nervous system, and the immune system. There have been multiple researchers that have shown a link between CBD and treatment for PTSD symptoms, like negative memories, anxiety, and nightmares among others due to the interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system.

We receive encouraging feedback that CBD products can assist with pain management, anxiety and help with insomnia from new and repeat customers. What works for them may not work for you in the exact same way. While CBD products will not eliminate your everyday problems, causes of pain or stressors that may trigger your anxiety, thus our products can help people deal with some of the effects. It’s important to reiterate, CBD products may not be the right cure for your mental or physical conditions. Always speak to your doctor to find what’s right for you.

Firstly, keep calm! CBD is enjoyed worldwide by millions of people looking for a wide range of benefits, such as peace of mind, relaxation, reduction of anxiety and even pain relief everyday. Remember, every user experience will vary and it’s important to be patient and open minded about your own CBD experience and finding your right strength and dosage. If this is your first time we recommend to start with the 5% oil selection.

Start with low % products and low dosage. Remember, every user experience will vary as the dosing depends on a number of factors, such as weight, age, and gender and it’s important to be patient about the long term results. It’s best to start small and gradually increase your dose up to a level that gives you the desired effect. Start with a few drops the first 3 days and gradually increase the dosage and use a steady dose for 3 more days until you find the desired effect. You may also learn that a CBD isolate requires significantly higher doses to function despite the high concentration.

When taken correctly, CBD oil does not cause side effects . However, some may find that they have mild side effects when using this compound – most commonly dry mouth or drowsiness. In very rear cases nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, or dizziness. In order to avoid these less than desirable side effects, we recommend talking to your doctor to make sure CBD is safe for you.

We recommend discussing the suitability of CBD with your healthcare professional first if you’re concerned prior to starting your CBD journey to be on the safe side.

In rare cases from frequent use of Full Spectrum products can be identified in a drug test. We recommend choosing THC-Free products if you want to exclude any risk of showing dubious results on any possible drug test.

There are just three ingredients in our CBD oils, including medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a high-quality carrier oil, Cannabis sativa L. extract and hemp oil. As we use a CBD extract, it doesn’t dissolve well in water, so we need a neutral tasting oil carrier to deliver it to you. Our oils do not contain other fillers, artificial flavors and colors.

Yes, we let all HANTIKA products be tested by leading independent laboratories in Austria to ensure transparency and safety regarding the quality of the ingredients. For our CBD products, the CBD content as well as other ingredients are carefully checked and verified. In addition, the consistency of each batch is tested. This gives you the guarantee of real premium quality. The certificates will be stored on the blockchain in the future and are therefore tamper-proof and unchangeable.

Hantika's Hemp Tea is made from hemp plants harvested and processed exclusively by hand from the certified organic Austrian hemp fields. The main component of the tea is water-soluble cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) as well as valuable flavonoids and natural ingredients of the hemp plant. Our tea contains no CBD or THC when infused in hot water because these ingredients are not water-soluble.